The cute little west coast town Skudeneshavn in Norway by photographer Gunvor Eline Jakobsen


“Skudeneshavn (also known as Skudeneshamn or simply Skudenes) is a town in Karmøy municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. It is located on the southernmost tip of the island of Karmøy at the entrance to the Boknafjorden and Karmsundet strait.”



This Easter I got to spend a whole week at my parents’ place in my home town, Skudeneshavn.  After several years living both abroad and simply put, far away, there’s definitely something special about this town. The beautiful old wooden houses. The fresh air with a never-ending hint of salt water. The colours and shapes of the rocks. Being placed on an island, the sea is never far away.

Although I grew up here, there’s always more to see and explore. As most of my time has been spent in bigger cities over the last few years, I’ll use that as an excuse for my latest discovery; ramps. (Stay tuned as I’ll do a new post in just a few days.)

Having it as my hometown I might be a bit biased saying it’s one of the cutest towns on earth, however, All The Rooms even listed it as one of their top choices of cities and towns to visit in Norway in the winter time. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Even though Skudeneshavn is definitely the prettiest seaside town in Norway, there is of course a few more. Have a look here for another one of my favourite locations in Norway! 

In Norwegian

Denne påsken var jeg hjemme hos foreldrene mine i hjembyen min, Skudeneshavn. Etter å ha bodd utenlands og langt borte hjemmefra, ser jeg definitivt noe spesielt med hjembyen min. De nydelige gamle trehusene. Den friske lufta med en hint av salt. Fargene og fasongene. Lyden av sjøsprut, for på en øy er havet aldri langt unna.

Selv om jeg vokste opp her, er det alltid mer for øye å se. Ettersom jeg har brukt mye av tiden min i storbyer de siste årene, later jeg som det er en god nok unnskyldning for min nyeste oppdagelse; nemlig ramsløken! Sjekk innom om ikke lenge, for da har nemlig ramsløken fått seg en helt egen blogpost! 

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