jewellery product photographer

Tanishka Jewellery

Jewellery product photography for the sustainable handmade Melbourne brand Tanishka Jewellery.

Fine jewellery product photography

​Established in 2018, Tanishka Jewellery was created as a classy, timeless, yet affordable bespoke jewellery brand. 

Fascination with traditional fine art and Indian heritage, inspire much of the brand's design. From intricate gold silhouettes reminiscent of South-Asian jewellery to more minimal designs that nod to Western patterns.

As a lifestyle and jewellery product photographer, I got the opportunity to capture some new photography for Tanishka. Check out some of the photos here!

jewellery product photography
Fine jewellery product photography

Fine jewellery product photography for Tanishka
jewellery product photography

Skin Care Lifestyle Product Photographer in Melbourne, Australia

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